Google considering Ad-Blocker for Chrome Browser

It’s a constant source of irritation for many – you are right in the middle of an interesting article when a random advert pops up to spoil your view!

I don’t know many people that would click through onto the advert, even if it was relevant. It’s seen as an intrusion and many Ad agencies have already realised the obvious: it can have a very negative brand impact.

Programmatic Advertising is becoming the naughty unspoken “P-Word” and now it looks like it could soon be blocked!

True brand value can be delivered by sponsorship and association with giving something to your potential customer. Just imagine the registration page of every free public wifi service telling your customers:

“Welcome to your free wifi – brought to you in partnership with XXXXX Bank PLC”

Great Brand Value and association with giving something back, instead of popping up all over the place!

Read the full Google article here (thanks to our friends at The Drum):

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